Setting a new direction for foreign exchange

After over a decade in the industry, our founder witnessed huge changes within the sector. Some were positive, such as increased transparency and technology, but many were against the clients’ best interests. These disparities inspired us to take a fresh approach by dedicating ourselves to promoting the good practices and rejecting the bad ones.

By strategically partnering with a large FinTech company, we can offer the infrastructure of a large scale organisation without the overheads. This streamlined approach enables us to offer the service, knowledge and agility you’d expect from a boutique provider but with sharper rates than our larger competitors.

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit”



The establishment of the Meridian Line set the precedent for the future of time-keeping and orientation. It has been reliably used for centuries to help sailors successfully navigate their way quickly, economically and safely. Like the Meridian Line, we want to set a better direction for foreign exchange by truly helping our clients plan, time and deliver their transactions as effectively as possible.