Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to open an account?
Business accounts can be opened within 24-hrs and e-money accounts issued within a couple of hours.


Can I apply from outside of the UK?
Absolutely! You can be based anywhere in the World as long as you have an EEA-based registered company. Furthermore, if your business is based outside of the EEA but you are >50% owned by an EEA-based company then it’s also possible to open accounts.


I’m not resident in the UK or EEA, can I still open Meridian accounts in the UK/EU?
Yes. As long as your business is registered in the EEA, then it is possible to open accounts with Meridian.


How many currency accounts can I have?
We can provide you with as many currency accounts for each currency as you need (30+ currencies available).


I have a few different businesses. Can I set up accounts for each one?
Yes, you can set up multiple business accounts. We can also create one master login for you, from which you can manage all your separate accounts. So everything’s in one place.



Will my accounts be held in my own name?
Yes. Your accounts will be unique to you and will be held in your own name. This means that when your customers pay you, they will address their payments to you and use your unique account numbers/IBANs.


Can I speak to someone on the phone?
Yes. You will be assigned your own experienced account manager to answer any questions you have about your account or the currency market.


What types of statements do you provide?
You can view and download pdf reports from the Meridian online platform showing the history of payments in and out for a given currency. It also details the list of your FX transactions and SWIFT (MT103) confirmations. Your account manager can also provide CSV file statements for whatever time periods you need.


Can I withdraw cash from my accounts?
No. The accounts can only be used for electronic transfers (therefore no cheques as well). You cannot fund the accounts in cash either.


Will I get a debit card for my accounts?
No, currently it can only be used for electronic transfers (but we are looking to add soon).


Will I get an overdraft facility?
No overdraft facilities will be available on the accounts.


Will I receive interest on my account balances?
No interest will be paid on account balances.



When I send a payment, whose name will appear on the payment message?
Payments sent from your accounts will be sent in your company name. The recipient will receive funds showing your company name.


Who can pay into my accounts?
You can use your account details to receive payments domestically or internationally from corporate clients, partners and subsidiaries. If you’re an online seller, you can receive funds from approved online marketplaces.


Can I send international payments?
Of course! We are experts at this – ensuring payments arrive quickly and safely in over 140 currencies.


How will I know when a payment hits my account?
You will receive automated email notifications when payments hit any of your accounts and you can also check your account activity 24/7 online.


How quickly will payments arrive in my suppliers’ accounts?
Our payments are sent via the SWIFT/FPS/Sepa networks meaning payments arrive extremely quickly. Usually this is within a couple of hours or the same day (depending on time zone).



Is my money safe?
Yes. Meridian’s e-money accounts are provided by Ebury Partners UK Limited who are regulated by the FCA as an authorised Electronic Money Institution (EMI).

As an EMI, they’re obliged to ensure that customer funds are appropriately safeguarded. This means that funds received corresponding to electronic money will be held in segregated bank accounts separately from their own funds, in accordance with the Electronic Money Regulations, and, as such, are not exposed to risk. Therefore, unlike banks that lend out and re-invest customer funds, we safeguard 100% of our clients’ funds. Consequently, we do not require FSCS protection because your funds are not touched, re-invested or susceptible to any risks.

This means that, in the unlikely event of Ebury’s insolvency, your funds will be fully protected and an administrator will reimburse you from the safeguarded funds.


Where are my funds held?
All client funds are securely stored in Ebury’s accounts in tier 1 banks in the UK (Barclays in Europe) and in other countries where they’re regulated. Ourselves and Ebury take the safety and security of your money extremely seriously. We both comply fully with the rigorous regulatory standards in the UK, Europe, US, and every country we operate in.


Can we have different levels of authority on the online system?
Yes. You can customise your authorisation settings for transactions and other functionalities. With our 10-eyes processing technology, it’s possible to have up to five levels of authorisation on transactions if required.


Does the platform offer two-step verification when logging in?
Yes. The system requires two-factor authentication when logging into your account. This is an extra layer of security designed to ensure that you’re the only person who can access your account.


For further information on security, please click here.


Opening an account with Meridian Currency is simple and there is no obligation to trade. Please click the link below to complete the application form and let us start adding value to your business.